Yes-Long Distance Runaround

Yes is a divisive band, some people love them, and many people hate them; its easy to hate a band who writes about whales and supernatural fantasies in all minor keys and have songs that are 25 minutes long which are divided into movements. But fuck that, Yes is a great band, and "Long Distance Runaround" off their 1971 opus Fragile is one of their most accessible and concise tracks that they ever laid down. This is ons of the few jams by Yes that you will regularly hear on FM radio, and you should cherish the break from Bon Jovi songs for a minute and get sucked in.

Yes-Long Distance Runaround

You may notice that this song seems to cut off suddenly, that's because I upped the album version which runs into the following track. It truly wasn't until "Owner of a Lonely Heart" that Yes would make an actual proper pop song...

Yes-The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)

Bonus: Here is Yes performing a song called Siberian Khatru on a rotating stage, you heard me right...a rotating stage with Jon Anderson in the middle wearing what looks to be a Luke Skywalker costume and Rick Wakeman surrounded by 23 keyboards on the outskirts of the circle (you'd think they'd put the guy you wrote a mini symphony about Henry the 8th in the center spot). Check it out, these dudes weren't slackers when it came to putting on a show. They're performing on a rotating stage, they're dead serious.

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