The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers

After the disbandment of Pretty Girls Make Graves in 2007 the bassist Derek Fudesco teamed up with Pete Quirk (formerly of post punk rockers Hint Hint) to make a new band called The Cave Singers. Fudesco has been quoted saying "It is a simple as Pete and I getting high and going in the basement and playing for a couple of hours and making music." The product is two albums of relaxed twangy songs that put me at ease.

The Cave Singers - Helen

The Cave Singers - Beach House


Unknown said...

These guys look like a mix of Mikey from Orange County Choppers and the Jukka Brothers from the MTV ads.

Blaquin Phoenix said...

hahaha thats the best! Hard to say who is the better looking lot in that comparison. truly a tossup of the ugly coin.