PSA: Obama has been infected by a Reptilian Host (Proof)

Hopefully I won't get followed or bugged by the CIA for posting about this, but the lamestream media is ignoring the imminent danger posed to us by Reptilians and the word needs to get out!! This is a great concern to me that this information is kept from us and soon we're all gonna be slaves to the Reptilians who are already hatching plans against us from deep inside the Earth's core, in outerspace and in their Reptilian other dimension. Both the CIA and FBI are fully aware of all of this, even though both agencies have denied the existence of Reptoids and Reptilians. They are obviously in cahoots about keeping this from the general public, probably to avoid panic by the American sheeple. However now that there is proof that the President is being controlled by a Reptilian who has been surgically implanted inside of him; something must be done, and I had to take to the internet to warn my family and friends of the danger we face.

This is all no secret at the higher levels of government, after all....why do you think that Newt Gingrich said our president is from "Planet Obama"...Newt Gingrich knows something is going on and he's hinting at it at the video below...

He said "He doesn't seem to operate on the same planet you and I do"!!! Well, obviously! Newt knows about the other dimension that the Reptilians live in, and that Obama is now being operated by a being who came from there. He's clearly hinting at it and yet the public has no idea at all what he's talking about and think he's referring to Obama's economic foreign relations policies. Sad how blind they are.

However Obama is not the only reptilian host human in the US government, look closely at Donald Rumsfeld's eyes in this photo, he's not even trying to hide the fact that he is in fact a Reptilian. It's obvious.

This untouched photo is proof that Beyonce is a reptilian host, look at the scales on her right temple.
Also, consider the lyrics to her song: "Upgrade You" which are clearly about turning Jay-Z into a reptoid as well...
"That little glimpse of light
Makes that diamond really shine
And you already is a star"
Reptilians are star people (obviously) and as you can read from lyrics they come from the light. So there, proof.

For more information about factually relevant facts about reptoids visit www.reptoids.com
and also take a look at this site which has some disturbing images which show proof that there are many powerful public figures to be infected by a reptilian: http://stargods.org/ReptilianPage.htm


Goldfish - Fort Knox

This band from Cape Town South Africa has made a song that will undoubtedly make you want to get up and shake your ass a bit. One fan of theirs has made a video doing exactly that and will mesmerize most men for the entire 3:19. So I have killed to birds with one stone. I have found an electronica group from another continent and I have a new found respect for the hula hoop.


Hunx & His Punx-Cruising

This dude used to open up for Jay Reatard and be his BFF. So already there's cred, and then there is this song about cruising for dudes with a video to boot with the leather outfits and mustaches and all that shit that just is awesome. If I type in "Rick Santorum Campaign Song" enough times do you think this might show up? lets find out.
"Rick Santorum Campaign Song" "Rick Santorum Campaign Song" "Rick Santorum Campaign Song"


Franco Battiato-Areknames

 Franco Battiato is now a very popular and respected singer in Italy. His career peaked in the mid eighties, which is long after he'd toned down the weirdness of his early albums in favor of more normal song structures and album works. Which is great, however these early albums, the ones which caused him to lose an Italian record contract and thus apparently rethink his approach to music are what I find much more interesting. Between 1971 and 1974 Franco Battiato released some very strange yet extremely carefully produced and well crafted experimental psychedelic progressive electronic albums (I really don't know how better to describe them) which are really fucking good if you're not all ready turned off by my description of them. They are simply not for everyone.

Fetus (1971), Pollution (1972), Sulle Corde di Aries (1973), and Clic (1974); are a bizarre cluster of works that explore a progression from psychedelia into semi classical music with an aplomb for absurdity, and a clear lack of desire for accessibility. There is absolutely no emphasis on making a "single" let alone a "song"; these are album works, born of time when that could happen; yet even in that era, these were still too weird to catch on. Crafting a song with a giant break in it filled with ocean sounds that fade out as the track then builds back up with chanting accompanied by a strummed acoustic guitar and a blaring synth line... is simply not going to reach a wide audience-no matter how well it seems designed. That's life. Having said that, beautifully simple oft times distorted and reversed melodies abound in these works, random samples are weaved into tracks, and multi part song structures are par for every track; it also seems as if the finest stereo technology effects available at the time are used to their fullest effect in these works; and all of this results in some truly incredible headphone music. It's weird but pretty great. Here are two examples:

This one is from his second album "Pollution" which is a little more "song based" but not by much.

This is the most accessible song from the first album in terms of "singles".... it being a 5 minute song suite about god knows what. 

Terror Island-We Get Lifted Freestyle (prod. Kim Jong the Illest)

You dont want to bump into terror island in a dark alley. Because duh they're terrifying.

We Get Lifted Freestyle (prod. Kim Jong the Illest) by TNBD.


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