Is Tropical: Dancing Anymore

Is Tropical / Dancing Anymore from riffraff films on Vimeo.

Incredibly not safe for work in the absolutely best way possible. This video got it right. Those special effects are so good and so current. The message behind this video is sweet, and life affirming. Enjoy!


S/G Spotify Playlist: November

Trying something new over here at Flockalone Inc.  Playlist embedded, ready for streaming on your internet capable device while you work. Feel free to listen, I need internet hugs. It's cold and damp here.



Now that I have your attention, Brooklyn-based band  TV on the Radio has dropped a new single after being relatively quiet for the last couple of years.  It's pretty good and I've added it to my monthly playlist on Spotify, which I've quietly been doing for the last year or so, on and off.  I should be doing it much more now that I have more time on my hands after moving across the country to the land of rain and grunge.

It sounds like they've been listening to the Silent Alarm album by Bloc Party for the last couple of months (and really, who can blame them?).

The single can be found here:


or listen here:

If you haven't listened to Silent Alarm, you should go do so immediately.  It's the perfect album for crushing bud lights before hitting Union Pool or the Woods.

Also, if you don't have Spotify, you are really not going to like reading any future posts from me. Try it out, its free if you let it run ads. (No one downloads music anymore, man).