"Chief Exec" (video)

Here's a great video produced by our friend Will Rabbe, and featuring music by our friend Robert Bruce.
It was featured on the Chris Matthews show the other day. Enjoy!


Sébastien Tellier - Pépito Bleu (Official Music Video)

He's Back and...
What Ze Shit is this.
I love it. Video of the Year
Off the forthcoming "My God is Blue"

"Don’t listen to my album; listen to my message. Enter into vibration with my music. Let’s merge our dreams, together spreading this communal energy in an immense blue wave that will wash over the world– and truth will emerge.” – Sébastien Tellier


Duran Duran-The Chauffeur (Lightly NSFW Video)

It's pretty obvious Duran Duran stole some of Robert Palmer's backing band to make this nearly pornographic music video. Did they think it was more "artistic" if the band didn't appear in it; did a lot of closeups of inanimate objects to make them appear meaningful or symbolic and shot it black and white? Well it worked guys! "The Chauffeur" is titillating andddd tasteful!

Duran Duran - The Chauffeur [uncensored] from mm1 on Vimeo.


J@CUZZI B0YS-"Gl@zin" (Really Unbelievably NSFW)

This video is adorable, those puppets are so cute!!!

J@CUZZI B0YS "Gl@zin" from Mayer\Leyva on Vimeo.

Biggie-Skys the Limit

This song is fantastic, and the video is great too. Directed by Spike Jonze and released posthumously.

Father John Misty-Nancy From Now On (NSFW VIDEO)

Hey y'all it's me the king of alt country here to tell ya about a new music video by a guy who used to drum in fleet foxes but now out fleet foxes fleet foxes with awesome weirdo promo photos^ and super creepy videos (see below) best of all guess what he sounds like? If you guessed fleet foxes, you're absolutely right! lol enjoy y'all!!


Yellow Ostrich - Strange Land

Yellow Ostrich's first album was the brain child of Alex Schaaf and was recorded in his bedroom. The second album has been recorded and Alex has added a few band mates and it was probably recorded in a much bigger room. I first saw this band at Glasslands in Brooklyn and he got on stage and played his album from start to finish. He was new to the scene and nervous but killed it. I knew there would be good things to come. So here we are with the release of his second album and a few songs have been released that sound great. You can head to their site for some free downloads. Below you can quickly stream them to to see if you like.


The Lumineers

I will be taking back my post as the alt country connoisseur and will be floating through some new guys that are on the up and up. The Lumineers album is not yet released and there is a lot of the DIY videos of them popping up on the world wide interwebz. It is sweet heart felt tunes that will catch your ear and is just the type of thing I like to take in on a cold Tuesday evening. The "Hey Ho" song is obviously the single but there are others that are good. Can't wait for the album. Hope y'all enjoy.