MGMT - Alien Days (Video)

Oops, I guess this came out in Novermber, So I'm a bad blogger and deserve to suffer the consequences. It's ok though. Ive always liked MGMT's take on music videos. I think someone in the group may have seen M. Night Shamalans's underrated  classic "The Village" recently. I love that movie too, you guys. Spoiler Alert...  GYROSCOPES were a nice touch. I would be covered in vomit if i got in one of those things. I get motion sickness very easily. My mom tried to warm me when I told her I was going to sail to Bermuda with my friend Patrick (Never Home, Smelly Ghosts, Blackball Brandon) Holt. I couldn't move around the cabin without getting the spins but I have to say that when I was holding the wheel of the sailboat and steering the ship I lost all queasiness in my stomach; at that point it was just me against the ocean and I wanted to make sure we didn't get too much of a "heel" even if meant we weren't heading in a direct route to Bermuda. It's 3am, It's my way. I'm left in charge. I sucked at it. We got to Bermuda in time to see the plane that Pat's dad had booked a seat on fly away. I'm not good at sailing, but fuck it I'll do it again. It was all worth it when me and pat got to ride around bermuda dumb and dumber style on one scooter and just drop into the ocean wherever. i did it because its changed my life. I'm still not the same. If you need royalty free images of bermuda DM me... all rights unreserved.


When the dog is doggystyling the dog and her six sets of tits are shaking with the motion and the yin yang is up above and then she throws up herself into herself and then into herself again. This video is the shit. Surprise yourself.







Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes - Up where we belong (video)

This was from a TV show filmed in 1983, but this song lives on though soft rock radio. This song is "so powerful" that Joe Cocker felt the need to spasm his arms throughout this performance for emphasis. His raspy emotional wail and the stiff singing of Jennifer Whoever make this video a "Must miss!" I hated this song and thought it was corny the first time I heard it when I was 9 and my mom made me come to supermarket with her because she didn't trust me to not cause havoc at home alone for one hour by my self. I hate it because I remember how cold supermarkets are when you're just wearing shorts in the summer. Now I hate it, because really who could ever like this. Is "love" really lifting you up  to "...where the eagles fly, on a mountain high."

I just realized that embedding has been disabled for this video but if you want to check out a video that will make you rethink how stupid love songs can get...or if you need proof that culture wasn't "better back in the day" you can check out this crap below.

....but it wont be worth it. I hate this song, and I've hated this song since I was 9 years old. Fuck this song.

Delroy Wilson - Dancing Mood (Video)



The Wood Brothers: The Muse

Sophia Loren is in the kitchen and she looks amazing. She is the muse.


Hurray for the Riff Raff: The Body Electric

Alynda Lee Segarra of Puerto Rican descent hailing from NYC once said "the minute I could take the subway by myself, I headed to the Lower East Side because I knew that's where all the weirdos were, where all the punks were. I was always taking an hour subway ride out there. And that's really where I feel like I grew up because I spent so much of my time there—all of my friends were there. That's where I learned a lot about New York and about the world, really." One of the songs below is in reference to the Walt Whitman poem "I sing the body electric" a well known piece of poetic genius. Alynda is a soft spoken master of modern folk.  


Houndmouth's debut album on Rough Trade came out last year and since then they have been perfecting their sound. Its that raspy, lovable, folk/country, Americana that is heartfelt and rips as well. All born and raised in Indiana they didn't start the band until a few years after high school. They parted ways but came back together to write their catchy single "Penitentiary". There are some other amazing tracks on their debut album such as "Houston Train" which features their female vocalist. I will be catching their live show at Brooklyn Bowl on June 21st and I think there are still some tickets. 

Tobacco - "Streaker" (Music Video)

Feel like watching a disturbing music video for a bad acid trip of a song?
Good, because I got you...you're welcome, weirdo. Click below and enjoy?

TOBACCO "Streaker" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.