Whoa! Black Rob is back

I never wondered what happened to Black Rob after his Bad Boy hey-day...k fine, I mean after he put out the song "Whoa"...which I gotta say...is pretty damn awesome. Guess what? Rob is in prison for stealing a purse from a hotel which had 6gs worth of jewelry in it. He's getting out in 90 days and hes been working on a new album while he was in the pen, and its called Bet On Black (nice Passenger 57 reference). All this is just to say that, this gives me a great excuse to post the Whoa video, here it is...

As a bonus, heres a really fun mashup from the Hood Internet of the Black Rob's classic "Woah" with Panda Bear's "Bro's". As far as mashups go, this is one of the best.

Hood Internet-Bro's Before Whoas

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