Ryan Adams Sweet New Haircut

ryan adams and mandy moore
Ryan Adams has dyed his hair blonde and married the pop singer and actress Mandy Moore. Some say that he has lost the alt country edge he once had in the epic band Whiskeytown and others have followed his prolific solo career closely. He has come out with a new song with some really goofy lyrics like the one “your in a time machine tripping on Robotussin and crack” This song put a smile on my face…hope it does the same for you.

Ryan Adams - Jimmy Whistlenut


Lew said...

His hair hasn't been blond in a good while--that picture is from about a year and a half ago, and he married Moore last March. For one of his joke songs, this one's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I was a fan of whiskeytown back in the day. I really liked heartbreaker but other than that it seems the more i learn about him the less i like him. the ridiculous blonde hair suits him. i'm sad to say i actually think today mandy moore is cooler than ryan adams