Little Fish: Darling Dear

Little Fish
This seductive, gritty, driving sound from Oxford England is sometimes just the dose of music some need. Little Fish is a rock duo and this song Darling Dear is a shot of life. Comparisons may range from Patti Smith to Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders. I cannot tell if that is her screaming at the end of the song or if its her guitar, but if its her screaming I am impressed. They will release their LP "Baffled and Beat" in 2010 but this this song was leaked early.

Little Fish - Darling Dear

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honest abe said...

I love this track, it sounds like lou reed's heroin and she def has a chrissy hynde-esque voice. I've been waiting for a band like this and it doesn't hurt that the singer is so fucking hot. its music i can beat it to. 2 thumbs up