Cam'ron: Cam'ron of the Island (Mashup Video)

We love us some mashup video (but you know that). Well, this one is a gem. We got Cam'ron's extremely tasteful ode to blow jobs "Suck it Or Not" over a new beat (the old one kind of sucked) that was constructed from a snippet of a song by Spanish flamenco master CamarĂ³n de la Isla. The video is pretty sweet and exactly what you would expect it to be: sort of awesome.

As a bonus from the man who brought you the catchphrase "no homo" comes a mashup that Cam'ron actually participated in. Here's Killa's take on Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Despite the fact the fact that his first line is "Her shoes straight was hooker" and the track contains an appropriate amount of braggadocio, his later narrative about commiserating with a female protagonist over her family problems reveals a sensitive side, that's otherwise absent from his musical output.

Cam'ron-Just Us

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