Chad VanGaalen-Did You Find Peace?

Chad VanGaalen, is one of those musicians who manages to put out albums with some varied styles yet still sound cohesive in the end. One thing that ties his music together is his distinctive damaged upper case warble, similar to Neil Young's lungs. This is an outtake from his 2008's Soft Airplane release. He is a true DIU artist, and even does the art for his covers, one of which is pictured above. I read somewhere that he was once a profesional skateboarder, I cant confirm that; and besides, what is a professional skateboarder exactly anyhow? Anyhow here is B-side to Soft Airplane, its a simple guitar and voice composition, but should show you why to check out more of his music.

Chad VanGaalen-Did You Find Peace?

You can download this song and the rest of the free ep of B-sides he released here

Oh yeah, one last thing...this is a video for the song Molten Light off of Soft Airplane which Chad directed.

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