Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears: Bitch I Love You

Black Joe Lewis picked up a Guitar at the pawn shop he worked at in Austin TX and shortly after gained notoriety at local open mic nights for his stage antics. He would often throw himself to his knees “Hendrix style.” He formed a seven piece band complete with a horns section and recorded with Jimmy Eno from Spoon. Eno said because of their raw live talent

“We were able to do about 75 percent of the album live, and that’s something you very, very rarely do.”

Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears are creating a sound reminiscent of James Brown and Howlin Wolf but have put a new raunchy edge to it that makes it their own. In the song “Bitch I Love You" you will see Black Joe's humor and honesty that is evident in his music.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears - "Bitch I Love You"

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