Rick James-Give it to me Baby

With Valentines day fast approaching all I've been listening to on my ipod are sappy love songs, and this one in particular really strikes a chord with me. This #1 R&B hit from 1981 spent 5 weeks at the top of the charts, and its easy to see why. Besides having a really funky beat, the lyrics reflect Rick's sensitivity to relationship issues and honesty about his priorities (dancing, staying out late, getting high, and having sex) which he seems not to have shared with his partner.
Sharing common interests are very important for healthy relationships, and clearly Rick and his lady friend have to find some things to do to keep the flame alive, if I were friends with Rick, I would send him a link to this article I just found "5 Simple Hobbies that Can Help Couples Reconnect" I found it very interesting, and informative!!

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