Presenting the Flockalone Ringtone Collection for iPhone

Here at Flockalone, a team of our unpaid interns busied themselves for the most of the morning creating some of the most annoying/wonderful ringtones for their iphones. Before sending them back to listening to Lite FM radio and scouring the 1974 R&B Billboard Chart for our next post, we've decided to upload them for you, our loyal readers. Simply Download, and pop this into itunes and you're good to go

The Collection includes:
Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
Lady Gaga-Pokerface
New Boyz-Youre a Jerk
Miike Snow-Animal
Juvenile-Gonna Ride With Me
Christopher Cross-Sailing
Amy Holland-She's on Fire
Yes-Owner of a Lonely Heart
Snoop-Tha Shiznit
Very Best-Warm Heart of Africa
Bone Thugs-Tha Crossroads
INXS-Need You Tonight
Yes-Heart of the Sunrise


From the Itinerant said...

you have unpaid interns?!

Blaquin Phoenix said...

obviously. How else do you think we're able to keep coming up with what the people want day in day out?

Anonymous said...

there's not enough lady gaga. the interns should be beaten