Foreigner-I Want To Know What Love Is

When i was a young boy, my mother didn't trust me to spend time at the house by myself for long periods of time, and who can blame her after I broke her station wagon's front windshield with a slingshot. So, she would take me with her when she ran errands and went shopping. The supermarket she went to was always playing a radio station with an adult contemporary format called WBEA ("Light on the bays").
It's Because of WBEA that I know all the words to "I want to Know what Love is", an absolutely epic power ballad from the multi-platinum selling British-American band Foreigner.
"I Want To Know What Love Is" builds to a soft rock climax with lead singer Mick Jones pouring his heart out as the New Jersey Mass Choir repeats the chorus over and over and over again while Foreigner's unintrusive synthesizers and drums color this fantastic vocal performance. It's timeless song, that absolutely everyone knows; and only the most hardened cynic can deny.

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