Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes - Up where we belong (video)

This was from a TV show filmed in 1983, but this song lives on though soft rock radio. This song is "so powerful" that Joe Cocker felt the need to spasm his arms throughout this performance for emphasis. His raspy emotional wail and the stiff singing of Jennifer Whoever make this video a "Must miss!" I hated this song and thought it was corny the first time I heard it when I was 9 and my mom made me come to supermarket with her because she didn't trust me to not cause havoc at home alone for one hour by my self. I hate it because I remember how cold supermarkets are when you're just wearing shorts in the summer. Now I hate it, because really who could ever like this. Is "love" really lifting you up  to "...where the eagles fly, on a mountain high."

I just realized that embedding has been disabled for this video but if you want to check out a video that will make you rethink how stupid love songs can get...or if you need proof that culture wasn't "better back in the day" you can check out this crap below.

....but it wont be worth it. I hate this song, and I've hated this song since I was 9 years old. Fuck this song.

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