The Argentine - Dead Waltz No. 1 EP (Stream)


Too short at three songs, this EP is a statement of purpose I suppose. Ghostly sounds appear; women faint at their live shows as if they're hearing a humble and transforming sermon. There's a very good reason for that. They're actually listening to ghosts. All members of The Argentine are currently long dead.

There's a following to this band which materialize when they play. The room becomes cold, and lights flicker. It's scary, it's beautiful, and it's electric. At their live shows, the living are transfixed as the air moves from the speakers. It's fitting that this would happen, and now it can happen in your own home.  Dead Waltz No. 1 -Their second release, builds upon the foundation of their first release with definitive aural intonations and brilliant crushing crescendos. 

All Saints Church, Brooklyn, NY

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